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Let the cuisine of the Czech Crown enchant you. Come and taste traditional dishes prepared mainly from local ingredients in a slightly modern concept. For us, localism is not a trend, it's common sense - why bring ingredients halfway across the planet when we can cook with what grows here? Our menu features a seasonal selection of meat and vegetables from our own hunting grounds as well as from allied farmers and hunters. We place emphasis on the resulting delicious taste of our dishes, which can only be achieved through the quality of our ingredients and the skill of our experienced chef.

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Our monastery restaurant NA PEKLE is located in a unique place - right in the heart of the Petřín rock. This original cellar has been used for wine storage since the 12th century. The Strahov Premonstratensians grew grapes both in the vineyards of Petřín and in the nearby surroundings of Prague. They also imported Moravian wines from their estates in South Moravia and pressed them directly above this cellar. The climate in the cellar was ideal for the noble drink.

The restaurant has its own water spring flowing from natural sandstone for more than 800 years. A lovely summer garden restaurant with special seasonal menu - V RÁJI - and is surrounded by a monastery garden with a view that offers one of the most beautiful panoramas of the capital. The restaurant NA PEKLE on Petřín Hill is fully operated by the Premonstratensians of Strahov Monastery. 

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We prepare meals for you with love and respect for local ingredients and craftsmanship. We emphasize the freshness of the ingredients, which, in cooperation with our culinary team, guarantees the quality of the dishes served.

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Strahov Monastery

In 1143, the first Premonstratensian monastery in the Czech lands was founded on the western side of Petřín Hill, called Strahov. Its members, the "white brothers", as the Premonstratensian monks are sometimes called, have since become an integral part of the spiritual and cultural history of Bohemia.
Strahov has been in its history not only a centre of learning and culture, but equally a spiritual centre - a place where people come to meet God, to hear God's voice through liturgical celebration. What Strahov was before, it strives to be today.

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