Always fresh


NA PEKLE it's just good cooking, almost like heaven. Come and taste the best of seasonal meat and vegetables. Our team can prepare a menu that tastes really delicious.

Traditional Czech cuisine

with a distinctive character

NA PEKLE we prepare dishes according to the old recipes of the Czech Crown lands Culina terrae Bohemicae. In addition to goose, beef cheeks and sirloin, the menu also includes venison, lighter meals, vegetarian specialties and gluten-free and lactose-free dishes. The wine list is dominated by Italian and Moravian wines. Above all, we have the best Czech beers on tap - Pilsner Urquell and Kozel.

fresh and fragrant

hot and cold appetizers

  • Spicy meat mixture Hell 195,- CZK

    cheese gratin, baked baguette

  • Finely ground beef tartare 239,- CZK

    shallots, sun-dried tomatoes, toast in lard

  • Baked Prague ham marinated in honey 159,- CZK

    toasted baguette, apple chutney

  • Homemade duck rillettes 129,- CZK

    with toasted toast, pear chutney

  • Small cheese plate 165,- CZK

    butter, pastry


Made with love


According to the daily menu

Soup is "grunt". Our hearty soups are renowned and our menu is regularly rotated based on seasonal ingredients.

  • Goulash soup 229,- CZK

    with beef and potatoes, served in bread

  • Chicken broth 119,- CZK

    with homemade noodles, meat and vegetables


Made with love


Always fresh and refreshing

  • Large mixed salad 245,- CZK

    with grilled chicken noodles in spices, mayonnaise dressing, croutons

  • Small mixed salad 109,- CZK

    from fresh vegetables

| 8 >
  • Salad with roasted beetroot 219,- CZK

    goat cheese mousse, with walnuts, honey dressing


Main dishes

  • Roast duck leg 389,- CZK

    red cabbage with prunes, dumpling variation

  • Roast rabbit leg with pork roast 369,- CZK

    with bacon and vegetables, potato cones

  • Old Bohemian rabbit leg in cream, "Czech classic" 359,- CZK

    with cranberries and bread dumplings

  • Slow-pulled beef cheeks on wine 315,- CZK

    with root vegetables, mashed potatoes

  • Spiced beef tenderloin 295,- CZK

    bun dumplings, our cranberries

  • Fried pork schnitzel 269,- CZK

    parsley potatoes, fresh mixed salad

  • Grilled trout fillets 389,- CZK

    rosemary potatoes with sea salt, warm roasted vegetables

Our specialties

1300 g
  • Roasted pork knee in peasant style on black beer 429,- CZK

    mustard, fresh horseradish, garnish, bread

1000 g
  • Roasted marinated ribs in honey spices 329,- CZK

    baked bread

200 g
  • Chicken breast steak 259,- CZK

    roasted potatoes with roasted vegetables (peppers, onions, arugula)

200 g
  • Pork tenderloin with wild mushroom ragout 335,- CZK

    with blue cheese, croquettes

300 g
  • Grilled Texas pork steak 379,- CZK

    with Demi Glace sauce, fries

200 g
  • Beef fillet wrapped in bacon 495,- CZK

    with pepper sauce, fries

vegetarian dishes

  • Grilled farmhouse cheese 279,- CZK

    roasted vegetables, Grenaille potatoes, basil pesto

| >
  • Potato gnocchi with wild mushrooms 269,- CZK

    with cream-cheese sauce

  • Fried cheese, chive potatoes 259,- CZK

    our tartar sauce

  • Cheese bowl with five types of cheese 325,- CZK

    with butter, fruit and pastry


children's menu

  • Beef or chicken broth 60,- CZK

    with meat, vegetables and noodles

  • Fried chicken schnitzel 125,- CZK

    with mashed potatoes

  • Grilled chicken schnitzel natural 125,- CZK

    with chips

  • Buttery colourful vegetables 85,- CZK

    with boiled potatoes

| >
  • Dumplings with egg 86,- CZK

    fresh mixed salad

  • Strawberry dumpling 75,- CZK

    with cream cheese

We are happy to serve gluten-free pastries on request.
For more information on allergens, please contact the staff.


vegetarian meal





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