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Since its foundation in 1967 in Modica, Sicily, Caffè Moak has been mainly engaged in the roasting and distribution of coffee. Over the last 50 years, it has grown worldwide, but its roots run deep. 
The city of Modica has been part of many important civilizations for the last 1000 years: Motyka for the Greeks, Motuca for the Romans, Mohac for the Arabs. No wonder the Arab tribes wanted to return when they heard about Giovanni Spadola and his business activities.
Moak Caffè has established a firm foothold in the Italian market over several years and has quickly grown worldwide. 
Caffè Moak operates from its own environmentally oriented business complex of approximately 10,000m2. It gets its energy from solar panels that cover the entire complex.
But above all, what has created this quality brand worthy of the "Made in Italy" label is the very careful selection of the finest coffee varieties from around the world.
Combined with a special "single roasting" system that allows the organoleptic characteristics of each bean to be respected, it offers customers the pleasure of a true Italian espresso. 


Made with love


  • Caffé Espresso 55,- CZK

  • Caffé Doppio 95,- CZK

  • Caffé Espresso Lungo 55,- CZK

  • Cappuccino 75,- CZK

  • Café Latte 85,- CZK


Premium tea, 100% natural ingredients - black, fruit and herbal.

  • Tea 75,- CZK

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Made with love

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